Decelerate the process of aging by effective exercise as taught by Himalayan masters and Daduzen’s secret techniques to address your skin glow for a youthful countenance and maintenance of your joints and glands to render flexibility, balance and grace in all your movements.

Learn and practice the four types of Breathing and how correct breathing during the day creates better health, better immune system and reduction of stress.

How you can cure yourself with the practices of various hand gestures using the transfer of prana to various body parts for therapy. Learn and practise the ancient secrets of Mudras (Psychic gestures) conjoined with unique and simple breathing techniques (Sensitizing pranayama) to strengthen the immune system against any disease, also to alleviate emotional stress and physical tension.


A non-sectarian spiritual orientation program for school and colleges
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A secular and non-religious, spiritual curriculum for schools and colleges, this is a teaching module to inculcate moral values and emanate virtues in the youth of today.

Please feel free to download, distribute and implement.

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“The curriculum has been a success in our Swarachna Learning and Resource Centre with the teachers and students both taking to it enthusiastically. Module Dilse is a very innovative way to introduce spirituality to school children. These days children have to cope with many expectations and the consequential stress. Having a spiritual centre allows them to understand the true value of things and they are better able to cope with the pressures on them. Our initial reactions are very positive. “

– Sharadindu Goswami,
Co-founder, Milaan


Module Dilse (Divinity in living
and spiritual enlightenment) -

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