Celestial Secrets of Sexuality

Celestial Secrets of Sexuality is a book whose contents revolve around achieving a state of ‘Sexual Saity’ by way of emotional harmony.

It improves the reader to approach sex in a scientific manner and express sexuality in a peofoundly artistic and refined fashion. It prevails upon man and woman alike to express
conjugality and romance in equipoise, dgnity, mutual ecstasy and in celebrative euphoria. It prompts the woman to percolate in a man’s heart as the goddess Aphrodite and cajoles the man to become a suave gentleman of utter grace and potent virility.

How such a condition of sexual sanity motivates and propagates harmonious jooy and peace in the world is the desirable intent and culmnation of this presentation of Esoteric vs Erotic.

Celestially Yours – Daduzen

Shame Versus Shyness   There could be some resistance in a woman against all that is suggested, due to the feeling of shame or guilt. To such a person, the advice would be to realize the difference between being ‘shy’ and being ‘ashamed’. Being ashamed is a repressive, painful or fearful mental wave that creates and accumulates inhibitions that could damage even the so-called ‘spiritual wedlock’. Being shy or demure implies modesty and as such, shyness could become a woman’s ornament and an enticing charm for the man. A little shyness adds a little spice to the advances and foreplay, but being ashamed of expressing intimate words or actions could be compared to a big plaque of cholesterol in the coronary artery.   Conjugal love is all about basking in the shades of intimacy, and there is no place for any inhibiting blocks to exist between people who have decided to embark on the journey of intimacy. Conjugal love is a mystifying and soul satisfying reciprocal flow. All men and women should endeavor to experience this loving bond with their partners.
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