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Dayal N Harjani – A man of many facets

Dayal N Harjani is a businessman that goes by the pseudonym – Daduzen. He is a poet, philosopher, philanthropist and writer of several spiritual articles and author of self-help books.

Daduzen was influenced by Sufism at a very early age by several Sufi masters. His curiosity for exploring the occult sciences and mystery in schools of Egypt and Greece led him to become a staunch Rosicrucian student of AMORC (Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). As a Founder member he serves as an advisor to Punya Dham Ashram (Pune) and serves as an Office bearer of 'Erase Poverty' (Hong Kong).

His message is enshrined in the multi-dimensional word "Cleanliness" which is reckoned to Godliness, is: "Think clean, be clean, act clean, in body, mind & spirit, for ecology, environment and emancipation"

During the course of the years of search Daduzen has become a student of various therapies and curative measures such as: Acupressure, Homeopathy (Tissue salts), Chromotherapy, Gem therapy, Numerology Pranayama and acquainted with the Science of Prana and its relationship with the working of the psychic centers-Plexis (Chakras).



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