“It is not the quantum but the quality of your intention to give that really counts.”
– Daduzen

Charity as guided by our Saints and Scriptures:

  • 1

    10% of your net- net annual income after deducting all your enjoyments and expenses.

  • 2

    Charity should be done in a mode of Sattwa= in the mode of compassion and unselfishness. and righteousness.

  • 3

    There are three areas that we all should look into:

  • a

    Yog Daan = To provide for academic education with spiritual orientation in addition the development of skills. This is considered the best kind of charity as the effects of this is long term – futuristic potential and which encompasses a bigger orbit people that can be helped. This is verily so as education of this kind will be passed on to generations in alleviation of sufferings in terms of prevention and as the old adage goes “Prevention is better than cure”.

  • b

    Jeevan Daan = To provide medical, surgical assistance to alleviate physical disabilities and related sufferings.

  • c

    Ann Daan = To provide food for the un-affording and the impoverished.

It is suggested that charity should be dispensed in the proportion of A= 50% / B= 30% / C=20%



Neither Hindu, Muslim Christian orJew
Love for humanity, a soul in everlasting renew

All names belong to our transitory form
A formless soul is our eternal norm

I questioned in sorrow as I grew
Why the destitute and rich more than few

Do we not all come from one and only source
Why then covet that belongs to God – all resource

Why in profanity we cheat and lie
All guests on Earth disappear and die

Why do we contend to divide and hate
In Universal love let us start a new slate

Erasing poverty of every kind
T’is onus on all who belong to mankind

Let us share and truly care
Suffering of impoverished we learn to bear
Let us all make perpetual resolve
To grow in love, selfishness to dissolve

In the heart if Universal love exist
How can unconcern ever persist

Compassion t’is love’s facet
Integral part of love tacit

Universal love a sure way to God
Saints declare with a spiritual Nod

So let us cast our difference aside
Exuding love without partiality and side

Loves – Daduzen – 14th January 2014

Operation Dilse for heart patients (Jeevan Daan)


Operation Dilse is dedicated to provide surgical costs for pediatric heart patients in co-operation with renowned Dr Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya, India.


Devi Prasad Shetty is a renowned cardiac surgeon and an Indian philanthropist, well known for providing pioneering quality of medical care at affordable prices. Dr.Shetty is the first heart surgeon in India to perform neo-natal open-heart surgery, the first surgeon in India to use an artificial heart and many others. He has performed around 15,000 heart operations.

He was awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan, third highest civilian award in India for his contribution to the field of affordable healthcare. Padma Shri award for Medicine in 2004. The Wall Street Journal has given him the title of The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery. In Kolkata he operated on Mother Theresa after she had a heart attack and subsequently served as her personal physician.


Greetings from Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City, Bangalore!
You are doing a great job in helping the under privileged.
We are grateful to you for choosing us as your partner.
It is our privilege in working with you to make this world a better place to live in.

With warm regards,
Devi Shetty

Operation Dharma for School Kids (Yog Daan)


We work in association with Milaan Be The Change organization in India to provide mid-day meals to young students. During a health checkup camp in the school, it was revealed that 95% of the children in the school are malnourished. Most of the children in the school come from very poor Dalit backgrounds and generally carry last night’s leftover as lunch. Reading books and solving equations in a classroom is not possible on a hungry stomach.

The mid-day meal program provides the children studying at the Swarachna Learning and Resource Centre a complete meal as part of their daily routine during the school day. The centre prepares a nutritionally balanced meal for over 350 children on 240 working days in a year. The kitchen and other resources required for preparing the meal are provided by the centre.


Erase Poverty Society

DaduZen is the current Chairperson of Erase Poverty Society dedicated to erasing poverty at all levels.

My Dear Dayalji,

With such selflessness of intents, I have no doubt that this effort of yours will be most successful.
No doubt the lineage of Gurus is helping you.

– Swami Veda Bharati


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