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Philosophical & Mystical Sayings

These are 300 original, intuitive sayings in a style similar to Khalil Gibran.

– Excerpt:

I am but a dewdrop
I come in the morn, and then say adieu
Refreshingly fresh, and ever to renew
Meditate upon me, to discover the secret of the sea
Ponder upon my life, to redeem yourself from this earthly strife

* * *

If you desire only comforts, you can
only be comfortably unhappy

* * *

Stop blaming and start blending

Soon to be published…

Whisperings Of The Soul – Bhakti Ki Gunj

Over 200 couplets in romanized Hindi as per the intuitive whisperings of the soul to Daduzen; written in 30 days!

– Excerpt:

Bhakti Ki Gunj (With the grace of Kabir Saheb)
Dhobi baithe Ghaat pe
Kare kapdo ki dhulaii
Sadguru baithe bhakt se
Kare nain se Safaii:

Ghar me rahe na Aatta
Chale pakaane Roti
Bhakti ke bina dhyan kare
Waqt hua jo khoti

Soon to be published…


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