Romancing in Your Soul: Mystical Savings

Nearly 300 original & philosophically textured sayings. Each seeped with practical messages to live a life of enrichment in soothing and calming waters of spirituality.

For me, romance is the composite gesture of love, providing a fragrance to your personality, in the way you dress, the way you dance, the way you laugh, the way you gesticulate, at you relate with people around you.

Romance is all that is affectionate, a touch of class, a gust of sophistication, that gives an uplifting aroma to your consciousness.

Love is the most profound feeling, inherent in all that is beautiful, and If love be the sea then let romance he the gentle wave.

The sayings of this book are the whisperings of the soul, designed to create an awareness to stimulate the mind to be contemplative and traverse towards your innermost self..

Wherein your thoughts become a melody and your actions a spiritual dance on earth and a never-ending romance with your soul.

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